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Breath of Life Records Scholarship Fund

As some of you may know I started to take piano lessons at the tender age of 49, some 5 months ago. It was always a lifelong goal of mine to play the piano.  And we at Breath of Life Records want to give that opportunity to a young child betwen the ages of 10-15.  It’s our way of changing the world, for the better, one person at a time.

As many of you know, at the Lloyd Mallory Singers release concert on July 23, 2011, we announced a music scholarship program funded by Breath of Life Records. Our goal is to find deserving students and present a check to their local church that will provide music lessons for one year.

Ladies and Gentlemen I am proud to present our first Breath of Life Records Scholarship recipient. Joseph Ongwela. Our first music teacher for this endeavor is Joya Follette. Joya says Joseph has shown a tremendous aptitude for learning.  His father passed away earlier this year and we ask that you keep Joseph and his family in prayer.

Joseph Ongwela

Please continue to pray for Breath of Life Records that we will strive to live in the will of God.



Tony Shepperd   C.E.O Breath of Life Records