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Breath of Life Records is pleased to announce its premier artist… Rebekkah Adrielle. Already a well-known celebrity in South and Central America and Europe this bi-lingual vocalist will soon set the American music scene on fire. She has an incredible voice that will leave you speechless.



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Rebekkah singer-songwriterRebekkah Adrielle is a bilingual international recording artist. She began singing at the tender age of two and never stopped. At the age of 8 she traveled to Puerto Rico, and during that time she sang at a number of churches and was interviewed on a radio station that broadcasted all over the island. At the age of eleven she was invited to sing every night for three weeks at an evangelistic crusade in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.

She was offered her first recording contract at the age of 14 to sing Christian music. The second offer came when she was 17 from Barry Hankerson, owner of Blackground Records and uncle to the deceased singer Aaliyah. She declined the offer for religious reasons.

At the age of 19 she became the new addition to the quartet Forgiven, an international praise and worship group. She sang in the group for three years, and is now dedicating herself completely to her solo ministry with Sonic Rush Records and Breath of Life Records.

Now twenty four, the young artist has traveled all throughout the United States and has had the privilege of visiting countries like Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras, and Spain to name a few.

Rebekkah has one solo Spanish production out, "Increible", and is working on her English sophomore album with Breath of Life Records, Her purpose is to bring honor to her God, and her hope is that her music could be a message of hope and encouragement to everyone who would hear.